Attitude Shayari

Helo Guys, Welcome to Attitude Shayari.If you are interested in attitude status then we have the best collection of attitude status in hindi. I hope you will like these attitude status. Today some people like to show their arrogant feelings through the attitude shayari(attitude status) because we have living in that’s era which is fully surrounded with selfishness /obstacles and so on (our intentions are not to hurt someone feelings, we post on that’s things) what’s going on in our life .So, you can use these attitude shayari images and show their attitude on high level on whatsapp,instagram and other social networks. Be strong and Be Aware.
ATTITUDE तो हमारा भी कमाल है

ATTITUDE तो हमारा भी कमाल है

ATTITUDE तो हमारा भी कमाल है
कुछ लोग सदा हमारे लिए एक मिसाल है,
गदार लोगो को हम कभी भाऊ भी नहीं देते
देखने की बात तो दूर
उनको हम अपने पास फड़फड़ाने भी नहीं देते…

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